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Apparent awakening us just an illusion seen by no one.


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The mind continues to get in the way of us seeing the Truth, so it is told. So what do we do about it? Do we ignore it, meditate until it’s quiet, learn to live with it? But wait! What is the Truth? It could be that it is only a unreal concept created by the mind, the very mind we are trying to turn off. Maybe there is no Truth and maybe there is no reason to turn off the mind. But what is it then that spiritual leaders have been teaching us about enlightenment and awakening? Are they too lost in the idea of an enlightened state? Have they fooled even themselves  with the story?

This my my “sad” life, trying to figure out what is truth. Or is it Truth? Regardless, I want find it.

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All there is is this!

BIG fan of Tony Parsons!!

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Don’t chase butterflies on the path to enlightenment.

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Sometimes the search can get in the way of the discovery.

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