We all really do talk too much, and we never really say anything. 

Is there really anything we need to say?



May or Could?

Beware of scientific claims or reports that use the words “may or “could” as in “may extend your life” or “could make you healthier.” If these words are used clearly they are not sure and are only looking for thing to write about and/or to make money with.


The “Now”

Is being in the “Now” only a distraction from the Truth?

I think it is.


What has thinking ever gotten me? Absolutely nothing!

During meditation you may find that you mind is like a small child. If you ask your child to sit in time out (meditation), or do any other activity he doesn’t want to do, he may start to get restless. He’ll resist, start to get anxious, and before you know it you will have a full blown temper tantrum on your hands.

But pay him no mind and soon this resistance will pass and will be replaced with calm and acceptance for what is.

We are Insignificant

During my walk today I realized, in the grand scheme of things, how insignificant we really are. In this infinite universe and time we are just a teeny tiny speck of a speck. If enough time passes, and that’s not much time considering how long forever is, no one will remember us…there will be no trace left. We really don’t matter and as a whole have very little impact in this place.

So, what does that mean? It just means that we think we are more than we really are. There’s the ego again right? We are all so full of ourselves that we think we can change the world (i.e. stop global warming, destroy asteroids, save the Panamanian golden frog). In all actuality we are probably doing more harm than good but again, it is our idea that we can control the things around us that is causing this problem.

The lesson here? Know that we are not what/who we think we are. The “I” that we think we are is nothing. Things are just happening and all we are are just observers along for the ride.

All there is, is this!


All there is is this!

BIG fan of Tony Parsons!!