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The mind continues to get in the way of us seeing the Truth, so it is told. So what do we do about it? Do we ignore it, meditate until it’s quiet, learn to live with it? But wait! What is the Truth? It could be that it is only a unreal concept created by the mind, the very mind we are trying to turn off. Maybe there is no Truth and maybe there is no reason to turn off the mind. But what is it then that spiritual leaders have been teaching us about enlightenment and awakening? Are they too lost in the idea of an enlightened state? Have they fooled even themselves  with the story?

This my my “sad” life, trying to figure out what is truth. Or is it Truth? Regardless, I want find it.


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Do we control our own lives? Is the future in our own hands, or is it “out of our hands”.

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I have everything, yet I have nothing.

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I have been in this state of boredom for weeks now. I seem to be bored with everything related to my self improvement and career efforts. I have been bored in the past but usually my curiosities and need to improve have pulled me out of these funks. This time however, I just don’t care. I just don’t care!

So, what does this mean? Where will it lead? I am sure there is something to learn from all of this, but to get in the state needed to make this determination is a BIG effort, one that I’m not sure I have the energy for.

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Do you exist?

Can you prove that you exist? Let’s say that I have an alternate reality buy having an OBE or lucid dream. In that state I could say that the reality I experience there is just as real as the one here. Most would say that the dream reality isn’t real because it isn’t THIS reality. But who is to say that this reality is real. Maybe it is a dream as well. In both cases however, I think it is safe to say that both happen in the mind. But where is the mind? To a person that is asleep or in a coma, does life go on? It seems to for the ones that are awake, but does it for the ones that are asleep? For them life only appears to go on once they wake up and realize that time has pass. The information that time has passed comes from other people, or other outside source such as clocks.

So do you exist? Who is the YOU? Are you mind, matter, CONSCIOUSNESS?

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In a weird strange way this earthquake that we had here today near St. Louis, Missouri put me in an almost “good” mood. There is nothing like a good natural disaster like and earthquake to kick you in the ass and remind you that , no matter how important you think your are or how much money you have, you are still very small in relation to the rest of the Universe and that Mother Nature is still in charge.

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There is thought, but I am not those thoughts. All thoughts seem to be reactions. Automatic responses, memories.

I am not my thoughts. I am not the past. I am not the future.

I am.

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