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Remember, the easiest job is that of the critic.


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Distractions. Everything in the world is a distraction from the Truth. Television, friends, family drama, Facebook, career…on and on. EVERYTHING keeps us from the Truth. Even the search for Truth is a distraction that prevent us from seeing It. This of course is assuming that we can find the Truth, but it cannot be “found”. How can we find something that is not lost? For some reason though, we keep looking don’t we? For some reason we keep believing in the search. We believe that the search will somehow reveal that which cannot be revealed. We believe that what we are told is a lie, yet we are living a lie.

Does this mean that we should avoid everything in our life that is a distraction? As you know know everything is a distraction, so how can you avoid everything? Even if you tried to avoid everything, which we know is not impossible, the trying itself would become a distraction. So what do we do? We can’t avoid life? Some of have actually tried. Interestingly, that is what we are doing with some of the distractions in our life; we are avoiding life itself. Still, by doing this we are not seeing the Truth. The secret is that by knowing the Truth we no longer need to avoid distractions. We can see through them; see them as they really are.

Does it help to understand this; to make sense of it all intellectually? To be honest I am not sure. As I mentioned earlier, to search for understanding can actually becomes a distraction itself and creates wall separating “you” (whomever You truly are) from the Truth. There seems to be a point ,however, where there is either some kind of knowing, whether conscious or otherwise, that gives us the ability to drop the need to know because…well…we just know

So where does that leave us? Do we give up? Some have said that that is the exact moment where Truth appeared is when they gave up. That only after year of exhaustive searching. It wasn’t really giving up as much as not being able to continue. Despite what some have said I think there is some element of trying that get’s us to that point of understanding. Sure, there are few that actually “wake up” without trying, but I am not sure that is the most common path. There are also some that claim to be enlightened, have a following and write books on the topic on how to achieve this seeming impossible goal. They might even have a PBS special complete with an accompanying DVD, but they’re not the real thing. They’re just good with words and selling and ideas; they are a distraction.

For now, know that you ARE the Truth. The Truth cannot be found, only noticed.

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You’re only as old as your age. 🙂

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New day = do-over

Every new day is a new opportunity to start over.

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“Sometimes it’s not all about you”

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Apparent awakening us just an illusion seen by no one.

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The mind continues to get in the way of us seeing the Truth, so it is told. So what do we do about it? Do we ignore it, meditate until it’s quiet, learn to live with it? But wait! What is the Truth? It could be that it is only a unreal concept created by the mind, the very mind we are trying to turn off. Maybe there is no Truth and maybe there is no reason to turn off the mind. But what is it then that spiritual leaders have been teaching us about enlightenment and awakening? Are they too lost in the idea of an enlightened state? Have they fooled even themselves  with the story?

This my my “sad” life, trying to figure out what is truth. Or is it Truth? Regardless, I want find it.

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