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Dead and gone time has passed, body in the ground.
Nothing left but purchased goods, things that were found.

Stacks of memories fills the space, a box of anger too,
Left to those who cared about but nothing left to do.


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Playing with text and simple words,
Lifting rocks and observing birds.

In search of truth, drawing lines,
Looking for enlightenment signs.

All this doing, places to go,
All I need is to just say no.

No to ideas of enlightenment biz,
Just look inside and see what is.

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’cause I’m the boss

Tired is here and here to stay,
only a nap will save the day.
But if I nap here in my chair,
I’ll be lost in dream and unaware.
That my co-workers are here plotting and scheming,
to play a trick on the one who is dreaming.
Let them play and let them scheme,
to the one who is lost in dream.
I’ll get even, won’t be my loss,
paybacks are hell ’cause I’m the boss.

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Summer is almost over, and fall is near.
The next is Winter, and a cold one I fear.
But Spring will come, and warm the Earth.
Then Summer again, the Earth's rebirth.

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Funny how it all works out,

the meaning of life I mean.

Just when we are sure we know,

a new way of life is seen.

It shows itself in the strangest ways,

through hardship, death, and pain,

but if we look hard enough,

we have the world to gain.

Our eyes must be opened,

our minds crystal clear,

to see the gift before us,

the gift of no fear.

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Visions flash before my eyes.

Euphoric feelings, now all lies.

All things that once where true,

Like a flower withers and dies.

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I Am

I am that’s it, there is no more.

I am is all I am looking for.

I am but still it is so far,

I am as distant as a star.

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